What We Believe

Our philosphy is that everything is connected, the past, present and future. Our current family acts in accordance to continuing patterns of our family of origin and their ancestors.

When working with clients we look for healthy pattern as well as dysfunctional patterns. We trace the origin of these patterns as far back as needed to disentangle from them, so we can live healthy and productive lives.

Everything we have ever experienced is stored three dimensionally in our memory and can be recalled. This is important because we use this internal map to trace the steps back into the past to understand the origin of our difficulties. Life loves understanding and order in return both of these crate peace of mind.

Mutual arising is a concept that believes that with every issue we encounter, the solution is already present, like the other side of a coin, or yin and yang. One does not exist without the other.

All systems (family, organization, nature, etc.) have their own inbuilt intelligence for problem solving. We are merely facilitators for this intelligence to come forth.

We also believe that happiness is our birthright and therefore obtainable by everyone.