Work Related Issues

Organizational Dynamics


How to handle them:

Today’s times are difficult with increasing pressure on organizations to improve performance and stretch in unfamiliar ways. We need new approaches that strengthen our ability to manage uncertainty in the workplace. Having clarity and taking action are essential.  


Organizational issues:

In an organizational system, we have multiple layers of issues relating to the organization’s mission, vision and tasks, as well as issues that every individual brings in. Sorting these out is a primary concern. Often the task at hand is the functionality and health of the organization. Organizations are living systems and all issues are alive in the people working in and interacting with this organization. Therefore the individuals of an organization can represent the issues and the system will give us information about what it needs to be healthy and sustainable.

Organizational case scenarios

Finding the structure of an NGO: A not-for profit organization was looking to find its style of leadership and organizational structure. The members of the organization all came together in one room and moved according to each person’s inner guidance. A workable structure emerged from within the organization and without any verbal exchange.

Here are examples of issues that have come up with individual clients:

  • Making career choices
  • Balancing work and family life
  • Dealing with difficult people at work
  • Connecting one’s personal passion with the needs at work
  • Improving confidence or assertiveness
  • Developing a new skill or approach for a new role in a new job
  • Improving interpersonal – and communications skills
  • Developing strategic perspectives for a changing environment
  • Identifying goals, values and beliefs to find a workplace that fits

Coaching supports self-development and is useful for the following situations:

  • Finding one’s place in an organization
  • Supporting new hires in transitioning
  • Developing leadership skills in key employees
  • Supporting senior executives in new strategies or cultural change