What do you want for yourself? 

Peace of mind, happiness, a good job, friends, to be healthy, knowing your place in the family. These are simple things and they are our birthright – so we should have them.

What does your live currently look like?

Are you at times under stress, without job security, friends come and go? Is your health suffering, and there are tensions in the family? Do you feel misunderstood, unappreciated, lonely and depressed?

At these times it can seem difficult to find out what is really going on, what you need to focus on, and it all seems overwhelming and exhausting.

Do you get what you want?

Sorting out what is really the issue is the first step in gaining control over your life. This process in and of itself takes time,— we need to slow down to actually see and understand the issues at hand, the interconnectedness of all aspects of your life. Then sort out what is essential and what is not. What is the real reason for your dissatisfaction?

Many of the issues might have repeated themselves over and over and will continue to do so, if we do not get to the root cause and find out the original need that still has not been fulfilled.

This process can be very enjoyable because we get a sense of our own humanity and that out needs and wants are not outrageous or impossible. Most of them are already our birthright that we just have not claimed yet. We get a second chance to actually life the live we are meant to live in the first place.