W e b i n a r: Are you living a “Satisfied Life” personally and professionally?

For the first time in the USA

Saturday, May 14. and 21., from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm  W e b i n a r :

  Are you living a

 “Satisfied Life”

  personally and professionally?

 We are offering a new and effective methodology to realize a “satisfied life” and to support others in doing the same.

  • We will introduce you to the major concepts of ViSi SocialTech®’s methodology, that will  support you as a leader, consultant, coach, teacher, therapist and parent, … theoretically and practically.
  • Michael Blumenstein and Katia Del Rivero, Professors at Anáhuac University in México City, the original creators will be your online trainers.

Who should attend:

Consultants, coaches, leaders, business owners, therapists, teachers and anyone else for whom communication is an intricate part of their daily live’s and anyone who is interested in new social technologies.

Why should you attend:

This will enable you to create sustainable change and spark interest in continued learning and growing for yourself, your employees, clients and customers.

Your way of thinking and behaving will change in relation to your own potential.

Your effectiveness at work and your new developed ways of being will be the evidence of that.


Time: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

Dates: Saturday, May 14. and 21., from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Your investment:

The total for both webinar sessions is US$197.

Non-Boulder participants will be sent an ‘Access Code’ for the online webinar once payment has been received.

Payment is possible under www.visionsistemica.com/en/webinar/



  • English

The Program:

  1. Autonomy: To become aware of how we contribute to the social sphere as autonomous beings. We are well equipped and we are enough to live a “satisfied life” in cooperation with others, personally and professionally.
  2. A new Communication Theory: Communication is a cooperative process to which we can only contribute effectively as autonomous beings.
  3. A new Theory of Social Systems: The understanding that we enter different social roles at different times. This clarity will prevent numerous social issues from occurring.
  4. Forms of Communication: There are new ways – forms – of communication that create possibilities for effective and sustainable solutions in appreciative ways.

More Information

Please see www.visionsistemica.com/en/webinar/


Comments from recent course attendees in Mexico:

1.) What are your key learnings from ViSi SocialTech?

  • Recognize that you have all the elements to have a good life.
  • Nobody is guilty, instead everyone is responsible.
  • Our reality constructions can be different but we can still work together.
  • There’s always something you can do to change the result.

2.) How has this course impacted your personal and professional life?

  • I have a better relationship with myself, therefore with others
  • To be more aware
  • Accept and respect people as they are.
  • I feel I have more options to solve conflicts.

3.) Why is ViSi SocialTech important?

  • Every problem happens because we do not know how to communicate with each other.

4.) What would you want other people to know about ViSi SocialTech?

  • It transforms us so we can contribute to anything in life.
  • That it is more than a theory for business. It’s a way of life.
  • That personal or business relationships can be simple.

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