Training Program in Systemic Constellation Work

We are announcing our Unique Training Program 

in Systemic Constellation Work

Designed for Individual, Couples and Family Therapists, Social

Workers, Educators, MDs, Helping Professionals

Co-Led by 

Elmar Dornberger and Jude Blitz 

Training Begins October 20, 2012

Join us to learn a truly client-centered, sustainable change method

that starts and ends with deep Presence

When trainees learn how to evoke the phenomenological field, stay with it,

and track its next movement, they can apply this work widely

in most personal and professional situations.

Please let us know if you are interested

                      We have included here: 

                            • Our training principles 

                            • Learning approach

                            • Topics we will cover 

                            • Dates of the training 

                            • Location 

                            • Cost 

                            • Appliction process 

                            • Contact information

Our training principles

Our Approach to Training in Systemic Constellation Work, developed by Bert Hellinger, is grounded in phenomenology.

In addition to teaching essential facilitation skills, we will learn about new developments in the field, such as Liminal Constellations, Mutual Arising, and Deep Wisdom concepts.

In this training we are cultivating abilities that allow us to suspend our habits of thought that solidify processes. Our approach differs greatly from diagnoses and problem-solving.

We will learn to use our wisdom that emerges in the field of inquiry.

As we open our perception and strength with the capacity to be with the unknown, we gain skills and comfort that allow the emerging movements in the field. Then we can witness what is wanting to be known.

This approach allows us to test and evaluate the emerging constellation for its intrinsic directions and strengths. Rather than adhering to preconceived answers and outcomes, we join the aliveness and welcome “what is” right now in the field.

No matter what the issue, the essential training focuses on the capacity to stand resonant with “What Is” and what wants to “emerge” from that.

Our learning approach 

How do we get to the richness that this 

Phenomenological approach offers? 

We do this by engaging in the field with clarity, humility and respect, showing up fully, and activating the field we work in, with our presence.

Our presence makes the field palpable, visible, and enlivened.

We work experientially using all of our senses and sensations to insure that each student’s whole being intelligence is activated when s/he facilitates.

We discover and recognize subtle knowledge that allows itself to be known and tapped as we grow more skillful.

In this unique course of study we observe our own habits and formulae, and assess their usefulness, and lack of.

We learn to discard what has become rote, habitual and deadening.

When the trainee knows how to evoke the phenomenological field, stay with it, and track its next movement, each trainee can apply this work to his/her own personal and professional situations.

Students will gain competence with this work through these 8 levels of learning:

• Witnessing Work

• Representing in Constellations

• Doing one’s own Personal Constellations

• Facilitation practice  

• Completing Readings

• Viewing DVD and Video Sessions

• Group Conversations and Discussions

• Personal mentoring with Elmar and Jude

Our hope is that all learning in our training will become applicable quickly to each student’s personal and professional situations.

Topics we will cover

You will be offered and trained in skills to facilitate many issues of Personal, Family, Tribal, and Organizational Systems.

For starters we cover these essentials:

– Fundamentals in relationships:  belonging, balancing give and take

– Social order and place

– Energy and reality

– Language that honors and shifts

– Archetypal identifications in self and family

– Body health and the field

– Nature and environment

– Cultural trauma 

Dates of the training 

This is a 12 full-day training, with monthly group study calls, and 4 individual mentoring sessions

• Oct.  20, 21

• Nov. 10

• Dec. 9

• Jan. 19, 20

• Feb. 10

• Mar. 9, 10

• Apr. 13, 14

• May 12

Location – Boulder, Colorado

Cost of our training

Full cost of the training is $2,400

• If you register and pay by August 31st, you may take a 15% discount of $360 

• Paypal payment also an option; $60 handling fee applies.

• If you would like to pay over time, we will happily hold your post dated checks. Speak with us about personalizing this payment option.

•   If you have questions about financial arrangements, please contact us.

Application process

• Request and complete an application form

• Sign a release of liability and training contract fee agreement

• Attend one of Jude or Elmar’s Community Constellation Offerings

• Jude’s dates are: August 19, September 9, October 7

• Elmar’s dates are: August 20, September 10, October 8

• Complete an initial application interview with either Jude or Elmar


Elmar Dornberger 303-818-5969

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