Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training in Boulder, CO

Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training

Starting Oct. 17, 2015 (Boulder, CO)
By Elmar Dornberger, MFA, LPC

Introducing a training program for individuals working in a therapeutic, mentoring or coaching capacity. The work is also known as Hellinger work, Family Constellation, Systemic Constellations etc.


As we go through life, we all encounter personal difficulties. What we have recently become aware of is that most issues we are carrying are patterns that have been passed down to us from our family of origin. In this upcoming training, we will explore how adoptions, early and unexpected deaths, mental illness, addictions, abuse, murder, infidelity, chronic illnesses and many other traumas create inter-generational conflicts and dis-ease seeking resolution through love. We will learn how to detect and release these mostly unconscious dynamics into a healthy and loving flow.

  • Are you facing issues that feel overwhelming?
  • How do you get to the core of what is really going on?
  • What actually caused an issue in the first place?
  • How do you translate your observations into a change process?
  • How do you bring subconscious coping mechanisms to light?
  • What do you do when a situation seems hopeless and helpless?

Systemic Constellation work makes the invisible observable. It shows us simultaneously the entanglement with the past and the inherent solution. Step by step we follow the client-centered unfoldment that leads us to a unique solution that works exactly for this particular situation.

We will explore six different Constellation methods:

  • Family Constellations (Hellinger), – looking at unresolved issues stemming from ancestral origin.
  • Structural Constellations (von Kibed, Sparrer) – experiencing universal situations in an intrinsic physical way.
  • Constellation of the Intention (Franz Rupert) – working with past trauma without re-traumatizing.
  • Constellation of the Sentence of the Intention (Franz Rupert) – an expansion of the Intention work.
  • Liminal Constellations (Elmar Dornberger) – utilizing group sensing and intelligence for problem solving.
  • Psychosomatic Constellations (Elmar Dornberger) – looking at the cause of physical illness and the unconscious protective mechanisms.
Other subject matter included in the training:

  • Mapping mental/physical issues
  • Three-dimensional thinking and processes
  • Resourcing
  • Client assessment
  • Process planning
  • Understanding issues in a system
  • Understanding human systems
  • Understanding trauma vs. stress
  • Symbiotic entanglements
  • Trauma and personality split
You will learn to use this process with individual clients as well as in group settings.

There are 12 training sessions spread out over 6 months.

Saturday, Sept. 19 (9-12): a free introductory session for new-bees and the curious. More detailed information about the training will be shared then as well.

Training dates:
Oct. 17/18,   Nov. 21/22,   Dec. 12/13,   Jan. 23/24,   Feb. 20/21,   Mar. 12/13

The days are Saturdays & Sundays from 9am – 4pm.

Training place: Bolder, CO

Price for the training is:                                                     $2,400
Pay by Oct. 3 in full or pre-dated checks get 10% off:    $2,160
Pay by Sep. 19 in full or pre-dated checks get 20% off: $1,920
Pryer training (with Elmar) pay by Oct. 3 get 30% off:     $1,680
Receive 84 hours Continuing Education Credits:           $35

Please contact Elmar with any questions regarding the training or payment.
303 818 5969 or


Testimonies from last year’s participants:

“The training encouraged me and gave me the confidence to take constellations work into my practice with adolescents and their families.  With each training session I walked away with something I could apply right away either to my work with clients or as a support for my personal learning. The clear model of describing trauma and it’s patterns, coupled with the idea of resourcing has informed my practice daily.”

“For my friends and colleagues who are open to wide ranges of treatment possibilities and want to transcend the limitations of the DSM, I can’t think of a more powerful tool or set of skills to add to your clinical tool chest.”

“I wish all therapists, especially somatic took your training.”“I learned a lot skill-wise, but I honestly have to say the greatest take home I got was personal insight– I learned more about myself in a short amount of time than I ever expected.”

“Thank you for having the courage and passion to create this class. I still have no idea what just hit me, but I am forever grateful :)”

“To arrive at an inner knowing that I can facilitate constellation – yes, a lot to learn still. But I now have some grounded embodied experience that I can.  I have the courage (even if hesitant still sometimes) to step up and in to offer this.”

“Very high on my list of learnings is on trauma and how to recognize it.  Seeing it play out in human form in constellation was quite an awakening.  Now I am very attuned to this in life and see forms of it in many.  Along with that was the valuable learning that one can become entangled in the field, even as a facilitator.”

“The greatest takeaway was definitely about the morphic fields and how they work,

up to how they affect the audience which I was not aware of.  All the knowledge of trauma was also highly valuable and not something I was expecting to get in the training.  That was a major highlight and unique to constellation training I realized, so I would definitely highlight that in the description as it differentiates the training from others and will really inform the students what they will get in the training.”

“You held a very loving and supportive space for so much to happen and it was obvious you had great respect for each person and where they were in their learning process.”

“I think your choices for the curriculum were excellent!!”



Please contact Elmar with any questions you might have.
303 818 5969 or

Last year’s training filled up fast, contact us today!

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