“Post Election Trauma” is real!

Post Election Trauma

In the last few days, I have seen many clients with what I call “Post Election Trauma” (PET).

What are the symptoms?

Being afraid in general, or having general anxiety. Not feeling safe.

Being afraid of others, which can include family members, neighbors, people previously thought of as their friends and support systems.

Feeling alone or excluded.

Feeling trapped with no way out.

Feelings of fight or flight, not wanting to be here.

Wanting to escape.


Being on edge, revved up, short tempered.

Picking fights with others, even close family members, spouses and kids.

Looking at everything from a pessimistic point of view, seeing faults in everything. Generalizing experiences using words like; “never, always, everything, nothing,…”

Disconnected from feelings, being numb, lethargic, depressed. Not wanting to communicate with others, staying home, inside. Not participating.

These symptoms are also showing up in kids, affected by things going on around them.

Professional counselors and therapists are here to help. Some of what could be happening may be re-traumatization of earlier events or life circumstances.

For more information you can contact me at: elmar@hemisphereconsulting.com or 303.818.5969

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