Healing Movements of the Soul – Oct. 8

Healing Movements of the Soul

An evening of Systemic Constellation work facilitated
by Elmar Dornberger, MFA, MA Psychology
Monday, Oct. 8. from 6:30 – 9 pm

• Explore what your life could be without entanglements.
• Release old patterns that no longer serve you.
• Experience your family of origin as a source of strength.
Elmar Dornberger has advanced Systemic Constellation work to a new level. Over the last three years he has explored a way of working that barely needs a facilitator and goes beyond the mind to a level of soul interaction, where answers arise that might have been there since an issue was created. Elmar has coined the name “Liminal Constellations” for this level of work.A concept that has fascinated Elmar for some time coming from Taoist philosophy called “Mutual arising” is made tangible here. Like the coexistence of yin and yang, up and down, two sides of a coin, the answer to a question or problem is already present. How else could we find a solution in one session, where an issue has existed for many years?

Some of his clients have lived with a condition for 40 or even 50 years and in one session, a major shift occurs that changes their direction in life in a profound way.
Not all issues disappear in one session and for most individuals that may not be safe. Issues shift during sessions as far as each individual is able to go at a specific time in his/her life.

Elmar’s findings have been published in the international magazine The Knowing Field http://www.hemisphereconsulting.com/?p=135 and he talked about it in an interview with Michael Reddy on the Constellation Call http://www.hemisphereconsulting.com/?p=120. Elmar has been a presenter at all three National Constellation Conferences. 

Elmar can be reached at 303-818-5969 or

Caritas members $20 Non-members $25;
Register now by calling
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