Family Constellations and Innovations Sat. Oct. 20

Are you depressed, confused and irritated? Complaining and blaming others for being stuck?
Tried standard and alternative modalities with no success?

Would you believe that solutions to your life’s issues may be as close as
the other side of a coin?

Turn your Personal Problems –
into Family & Collective Solutions  

Work inspired  by Bert Hellinger
Led by
Jude Blitz, MA and Elmar Dornberger, MFA, MA
Senior Facilitators, Trainers and Innovators in Systemic Constellation Work
Saturday, October 20, 2012
10:00 am-5:30 pm
Boulder location
Register Today. Space is Limited.

We all carry pain and suffering of ancestral family members that entangle us in their fates. As a result, we often suffer as they have.
Those primal perceptions keep being re-enacted in our current lives, as ongoing conflicts, stagnation and misery with our parents, spouses, children and work.
Constellations go to the source of the problems, create shifts, and offer healing solutions.
When one member of the family engages in this work, absent family members often feel relieved.
In this workshop we explore a new and ground breaking approach by going beyond the mind and enter the knowing field, to allow solutions to arise that have already been present when the problem expressed itself.

Is this mysterious?
You betcha. You must join us to experience this ground breaking work.

Cost of our 1 day workshop: Sliding scale  $75-125.
To register send check payable to Living Arts Foundation,  C/O Jude Blitz, 4653 Chatham St, Boulder, CO 80301
For further information: 303-530-1896; j
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Workshop Leaders:
Jude BlitzMA, is a psychotherapist and coach who specializes in deep emotional work with individuals and couples. She has been organizing and then leading Constellation Work since 1997.
She was a presenter at the 2005 National Systemic Constellation Conference.

Elmar Dornberger, MFA, MA, is the founder of Hemisphere Consulting serving individuals, families and organizations. His contributions to the field of systemic constellation work has been published in the international magazine The Knowing Field and recorded in an interview with Michael Reddy on Constellation Call 
Elmar has been a presenter at all three National Constellation Conferences.

Testimonials for Elmar and Jude’s work:
“I am in love with the mystery and miracle of your work. How perfect it all was! Thank you again and again. My heart feels open and free to love Life.” –H. E.
“I’ve also been having nice conversations with my mom since the workshop where we aren’t falling into the old triggering pattern. Very nice.” –V. M.
“I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s workshop. It was very interesting and soul-reaching. I also feel I have found in you someone with the quality of both insight and compassion that I’ve been looking for.” –M.L.
“Sometimes when I go to a chiropractor the adjustment doesn’t stay. When I do this work with Elmar, it stays.” –C. D.

To speak with us:

Jude Blitz, 303-530-1896

Elmar Dornberger 303-818-5969

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