Family Constellation Facilitator Training

Family Constellation Facilitator Training

Earn 87 (PDA’s) Professional Development Hours

with Elmar Dornberger, MFA, LPC

December 6 – May 17
Introduction November 15

If you are looking for a powerful intervention tool for your practice – this might be it. Family Constellation work is the fastest growing change modality on the planet. This comprehensive and in-depth training will cover fundamental elements and building blocks that make this modality work. No matter what tools you are using right now, you will be able to incorporate Family Constellations into your practice. This method is a way of understanding and interacting with our environment and our fellow human beings from a systems perspective. From this frame of reference there is no identified patient; only a system that wants to be dis-entangled and realigned. This work is applicable to most issues in your and your client’s life. This training will approach all facets experientially and apply them to your own and your client’s situation.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Embodied solutions
  • Nervous-system memory
  • Language that transforms
  • From naming to resolving
  • The Living Genogram
  • Treatment Planning
  • Systemic Interventions and much more.

We will also look into other current and future applications such as Nature, Organizational, Liminal Constellations, and Mutual Arising just to mention a few.

There are 12 training sessions spread out over 6 month. The dates are:

Nov. 15 (3hour $25) intro session for the curious and undecided.

Dec. 6/7, Jan. 17/18, Feb. 21/22, Mar. 14/15,  Apr. 18/19, May 16/17

All sessions will be from 9am – 4pm

Location: Boulder


Price for the training is $2,400

Pay by Dec. 6 in full or pre-dated checks get 10% off $2,160

Pay before Nov. 30 in full or pre-dated checks get 20% off $1,920

If you have taken a training with Elmar get 30% off $1,680

Please contact Elmar with any questions regarding the  training. or call 303 818 5969

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Testimonials from previous trainees and clients:

I had the pleasure and opportunity to participate in Elmar’s Facilitator Training here in Boulder. As a German native I participated in workshops and trainings in Germany and Europe. Having Elmar as a teacher and Mentor over the years gave me a profound understanding what The work from Hellinger really is able to do for people. Elmar has a wonderful gift to listen, understand and his work goes right to the essence to help the client. I’m very grateful and happy to met Elmar and his incredible work. Corina Remes

The constellation training that I received from Elmar Dornberger at Hemisphere Consulting is one of the most remarkable interpersonal (and personal) growth tools that I have ever received.  I use the techniques and insights on a daily basis, both for my own personal direction, as well as with conflict resolution with my students and their parents.  As a professional resource tool for child studies, for interactions and problem-solving with colleagues, and in professional consultation with parents, my own understanding and use of constellation, as either a therapeutic tool for something as simple as movement exercises for the students, or for assessment and evaluation, is incredibly invaluable.  Everyone in the world should be trained in constellation techniques.  It would be a far grander, loving and compassionate place. Stan Sudan Certified Waldorf Teacher, National Educational Consultant, Certified Constellation Facilitator

The first session I had with Elmar, helped me overcome trauma and resolving issues that had continued to surface with previous constellation work.  As a result, I felt inside my head and truly in my body for the first time in my life. The second session helped me better connect with my maternal line and I have for the first time not felt a need to correct or feel superior to the three men in my life. I would certainly say I feel connected with being a woman and even pride in being a woman, strong instead of powerless.  Feeling truly and loved by my parents for the first time. RR

With Elmar, i have learned to trust the process and not worry about the outcome. I learned that i just need to trust what is showing up and magic happens. Defne

Elmar, I LOVE how you make the depth and breadth of this work available to clients who can’t (or won’t) participate in group work — it’s a gift and skill that so needs to be shared!  All these months later, our work together continues to weave its way into my responses to daily life; thank you ever so much for the part you play in my life’s journey! KM~Psychotherapist  

This training has taken my work to a new level, helping my clients get to the root of their issues, and to clarity and transformation much more quickly. Elmar is a gifted facilitator, who brings an evolutionary perspective to Constellation Work and to the field of Psychotherapy. Lisa Stone, MA, LPC

Elmar Dornberger’s approach to Constellation work is interactive, embodied, engaging, and profound.  Through mapping the family constellation and stepping into the dynamic of what we tend keep locked in our heads, he has taken a huge step in supporting clients in actively finding their own path to freedom.  I am so grateful for you, what you do, and the training! Rex West, NLC, MA (Counseling) MA (Education)

Before taking a family constellation training, I had every excuse in the book about why I really didn’t have time.  Very quickly however, I was drawn into the power and the gentleness of the rapid pace that layers of information come into the light – a very valuable tool for my practice.  For anyone wishing to expand and deepen possibilities from therapy, I would highly recommend Elmar’s trainings. Jeff Jones MA, LPC, CACIII, CAI,Certified TRE Level II Practitioner

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