Constellation Facilitation Training (this Fall)

Dear friends and colleagues
What kind of facilitation training would you like?
Over the last few year I have been exploring and learning new and improved facilitation methods that I would like to share. I have been planning to do this in a live and simultaneously webcast session. This has proven to be more involved then I could imagine and I am still working with a tech advisor to figure it out.
I have 2, 2 day facilitation training workshops in mind that I am going to offer this fall and I would like to find out what you are more interested in?
Both offerings are designed for people who do not know Constellation work and for experts as well. Because I am introducing basic and very new concepts of this work.
A) For working in the personal realm:
The first day would be: “Two Step” Constellation (based on my explorations)
The second day: Constellation of the Intension (based on Franz Ruppert’s work)
B) For working in the organizational realm:
The first day is dedicated to: Structural Constellation (based on Matthias Varga von Kibed)
The second day: Social Presencing Theater (based on Arawana Hayashi, MIT)
See more detailed description below.
What I would like to know from you is what is your level of interest in joining either one or both trainings?
  1. Personal realm training
( ) medium ( ) high ( ) excited and want to do the training
  1. Organizational realm training
( ) medium ( ) high ( ) excited and want to do the training
What time zone are you living in?
( ) PT   ( ) MT   ( ) CT   ( ) ET
If you are interested in these trainings you will be part of choosing the days and times. I am thinking of October and more details will be send to you. The price will equitable to similar trainings.
Please send me a message with your choice asap.
Thank you.
More about the classes:
“Two Step” Constellation (Elmar Dornberger)
Over the years I have been distilling constellation work down to its essential parts. I have come up with two fundamental steps with which one can start the most profound change work with a client.
Constellation of the Intension (based on Franz Ruppert’s work)
This is one of F. Ruppert’s most distinct move away from family constellation work and in a direction of tapping into once own resources and finding solutions that do not re-traumatize a client but find solutions in the here and now.
Structural Constellation (based on Matthias Varga von Kibed)
Organizational clients are not interested in mingling in personal affairs of individuals. Still they are very interested in understanding the dynamics that drives and keeps an organization stuck. This modality is extremely flexible and adaptable to many situations and challenges in those settings.
Social Presencing Theater (based on Arawana Hayashi, (MIT))
As the title mentions there is some theatrics to this work, some playfulness that can be brought into an organization to display the current situation. It also gives a glimpse into what might want to happen as a next step.

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