2017- Realize your New Year’s Resolutions

Utilizing systemic constellation work

“Whatever you can imagine you can achieve.”—Walt Disney

Disney’s quote is really step number one in attaining our goals. We have to imagine and pay attention to our ideas, wishes, thoughts, and dreams — whatever we might call them. Think about it – have you ever achieved something without considering it beforehand?

We have dreams for a reason – they embody our desires and latent potential and are something we could actually achieve if we allowed ourselves. I am not talking about nightmares here, quite the opposite.

So why do our aspirations only sometimes manifest even if we have written them down, thought about them and really want them to happen?

The reason why is because we have hesitations and doubts in our minds that do not support our goals – like the fear of actually achieving what we want, having new responsibilities that require changes in our lives, impacts to the dynamics of our family and friends. We question whether it really is worth getting, if we don’t know the consequences beforehand, if our current lives will no longer be the same or work and will have to change.

Some of us get small parts of what we want every year. We inch forward in manageable ways. Perhaps this is the right way to go, so that our system can handle the changes and adjust.

But what if these changes seem too slow – is there a way to move things along?  What if we could step into a time machine, try out our aspirations and notice what needs to be adjusted to make it work? What if we could test different choices before actually having to commit to a new future. What would it look like, sound and feel like? Will I be happier, more productive, doing the things I always wanted to do? Once these questions are answered we are more inclined to take a chance since we have of a sense of what lies ahead of us.

This is where systemic constellation work comes in. It is a virtual reality game, a playground where we set up three-dimensionally the things we want (or don’t want). We try out new ways of being, expressing and acting, as we are stepping into our imaginary future. It allows us to correct issues from the past that hold us back and create movements toward the future we actually want. By interacting in this space we experience more choices, which enables us to move towards our desired goals.

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