What People Say About Us

Testimonials from Individual Clients:

Working With Elmar

“Working with Elmar has always given forward motion to the issue I brought in. Not only that, but whatever movement was created remained steady. I was able to come to a clear picture of the variables and characters within my issue.”

Individual 2

“You know when you go to chiropractors and they adjust you, it sometimes doesn’t “hold”? With your work, the adjustment always holds! Whatever the issue was, it was moved for good.”

Individual 3

“I always got unstuck, and stayed that way, so I could get past my issue, integrate what I learned and go on with my life.”

Individual 4

“I felt that the process you used with me really helped me get focused on what’s important to me and allowed me to take a good, hard look at my priorities, and how I can more effectively achieve my goals (i.e., client work, $, etc.). Most importantly, I was able to approach my recent meeting with a clear and ambitious goal, and a more positive attitude in which I was not willing to sell myself short.”

Testimonials from Organizational Clients:

Organization 1

“I just wanted to thank you again for such a great strategic meeting. I think we all felt the momentum and positive force to move forward. Your facilitation skills were outstanding. I look forward to referring you in the future.”

Organization 2

“We enjoyed very much working with you, and certainly appreciate your unique way in supporting us to reach our goal as well as clarifying the decision making process.”

Organization 3

“The outcome was streamlining the decision making process and tasks. We have a better awareness now of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It was great – by the end, your process was very clear and fruitful. I would hire you without hesitation for another project.”

Organization 4

“The work brought me great insight and clarity about the organization and what was going on. We are a new nonprofit organization that emerged from a for profit business. The dynamics that showed up accurately portrayed what was going on. I had greater insight into what needed to shift in order to bring us all closer together. It has been working. So thank you from the depth of my heart. I have recommended your work to a few folks in town.”

Organization 5

“I truly believe in this tool’s transformational potential and I admire you for boldly introducing such a leading edge concept to the corporate and organizational communities.”

When I started working with Elmar a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what type of support that I needed to get my new business off the ground.  I quickly learned that I could trust Elmar’s judgement and clear guidance.  He listens very well and reflected back to me my strengths while also gently prodding me to transform my own thinking and actions. I am very pleased with my business progress; I have new strategies in place and have much more confidence in my ability to take the business to the next level.  I would recommend Elmar without hesitation as a partner in navigating challenges in business and life.  

Pete Chandler
Founder and Owner, Strategic Student-Athlete

Testimonials of Systemic Constellation Workshop Participants:

Workshop 1

“The constellation has allowed me to see a few influences that I had not previously thought of such as parents trying to get strength through their children. That lack of strength is a partial ingredient in their behavior. Children are victims of victims.”

Workshop 2

“This work is very necessary for healing the world backwards and forwards in time.”

Workshop 3

“The experience is phenomenal. A physical lifting of burden – lightness – a psychic / spiritual breakthrough via the body – the soul. Thank You.”

Workshop 4

“The authenticity of this is …amazing. I am amazed at the stories we all carry – at how I can feel the story and anticipate the feelings and be right on about it!!”