Systemic Constellations

A three dimensional arrangement of an issue or problem.

An unresolved issue of a client is represented either by a group of people, mats on the floor or figures on a table. These are the most common ways used. It can also be done in the minds eye and over the phone.

The issues start to unfold as if we are watching a movie on a screen. A facilitator guides the process by letting it unfold in a safe and productive manner. The intention is that the issue itself shows us what is needed to create a more useful outcome by guiding us step by step while mending the unwanted situation.

We represent a person, an object or an abstract part (like the part that is always left out). We stand in its place and speak for it.

Most of the time we are stuck because we have only our current perspective of a situation. Being able to see our situation from the outside, gives us a more objective viewpoint. It removes us one step from being in that situation, to be an observer.

Many times the issue is not actually ours, but something we have taken on unconsciously out of love or compassion for another member of our system (family, organization, community).

This process of Systemic Constellations reveals these unhealthy entanglements, showing us what brought them on and how to release them.

“All systems move towards healing if we allow them to and support them.”