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2017- Realize your New Year’s Resolutions

Utilizing systemic constellation work “Whatever you can imagine you can achieve.”—Walt Disney Disney’s quote is really step number one in attaining our goals. We have to imagine and pay attention to our ideas, wishes, thoughts, and dreams — whatever we might call them. Think about it – have you ever achieved something without considering it […]

“Post Election Trauma” is real!

                In the last few days, I have seen many clients with what I call “Post Election Trauma” (PET). What are the symptoms? Being afraid in general, or having general anxiety. Not feeling safe. Being afraid of others, which can include family members, neighbors, people previously thought of […]

Constellation Facilitation Training (this Fall)

Dear friends and colleagues What kind of facilitation training would you like? Over the last few year I have been exploring and learning new and improved facilitation methods that I would like to share. I have been planning to do this in a live and simultaneously webcast session. This has proven to be more involved […]

Current Event

Organizational Constellations Workshop and Training

Apr 20, 2012
This is a unique opportunity for anyone involved in business and organizations to explore how constellation process can bring clarity and insight into difficult and complex situations. The process can find the solutions to stuck situations while exploring such issues as client attraction, repeat business, clarity of product and service offerings. It can also examine marketing and branding questions and future growth. Are we at the right place, doing what we are supposed to be doing? Are we following our bliss?