Organizational Dynamics

Today’s times are difficult with increasing pressure on organizations to improve performance and stretch in unfamiliar ways. We need new approaches that strengthen our ability to manage uncertainty in the workplace. Having clarity and taking action are essential.


Some of Elmar Dornberger’s Organizational Accomplishments

Mary Kay, Inc., Dallas, TX, Director, Global Communication Department 

Managing a staff of 42. Accountable for contemporary world image encompassing 23 countries. Accomplishments include:

  • Facilitated largest product launch in company history that grossed $50 million in revenues in the first three months.
  • Created positioning for five product lines
  • Achieved savings of $100,000 annually by bringing all creative services in house.


Aveda Corp., Minneapolis, MN, Creative Director

Responsible for in-house agency and redirecting marketing and advertising to an image-driven approach. Accomplishments include:

  • Achieved net annual savings of $ 1 million in agency fees by bringing functions in-house.
  • Created competitive positioning for the company that increased market value and facilitated the sale of firm for $300 million.


Individual Coaching Accomplishments

Client: Andy S., Merger & Acquisition Broker at Merrill Lynch

  • Assignment: Biggest acquisition in the history of Wall Street managed and executed by a single broker.
  • Outcome: Deal closed, big bonus for my client plus a promotion.


Client: Victor G., Stage Actor on Broadway

  • Assignment: Wants to “make it” in the movies
  • Outcome: Leading role in a made for TV movie. Supporting role in a major motion Picture. Second lead role in a prime time TV series, that is still running.


Client: Katherine P., Ph.D. Science

  • Assignment: Career change
  • Outcome: Teaching position in at a University in Colorado, (selected over ~ 80 candidates)