Your Brand / Your Avatar

Branding is something we are all familiar with; think of Coca-Cola, Apple, Audi, etc.

We also have a need for branding if we own a business. So how do we come up with a brand and what is it exactly?

Elmar has defined a process that leads you through all of the questions necessary to distinguish yourself from a competitor and helps you to create a look, feel and message that is uniquely your own.

Elmar has worked in the field of brand identity for twenty years, prior to receiving his Master’s degree in Psychology. He has established new brands, such as:

Abercrombie & Fitch

Structure Men’s Wear

Bath & Body Works

Rebranding companies such as:



Sunglass Hut

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Regis Hair Salon

He has also created product brands and positioning for the fragrance:



Helena Meyer skin care.

Give us a call and we will explore what your needs might be.