January 13 / 2017

2017- Realize your New Year’s Resolutions

Utilizing systemic constellation work

“Whatever you can imagine you can achieve.”—Walt Disney

Disney’s quote is really step number one in attaining our goals. We have to imagine and pay attention to our ideas, wishes, thoughts, and dreams — whatever we might call them. Think about it – have you ever achieved something without considering it beforehand?

We have dreams for a reason – they embody our desires and latent potential and are something we could actually achieve if we allowed ourselves. I am not talking about nightmares here, quite the opposite.

So why do our aspirations only sometimes manifest even if we have written them down, thought about them and really want them to happen?

The reason why is because we have hesitations and doubts in our minds that do not support our goals – like the fear of actually achieving what we want, having new responsibilities that require changes in our lives, impacts to the dynamics of our family and friends. We question whether it really is worth getting, if we don’t know the consequences beforehand, if our current lives will no longer be the same or work and will have to change.

Some of us get small parts of what we want every year. We inch forward in manageable ways. Perhaps this is the right way to go, so that our system can handle the changes and adjust.

But what if these changes seem too slow – is there a way to move things along?  What if we could step into a time machine, try out our aspirations and notice what needs to be adjusted to make it work? What if we could test different choices before actually having to commit to a new future. What would it look like, sound and feel like? Will I be happier, more productive, doing the things I always wanted to do? Once these questions are answered we are more inclined to take a chance since we have of a sense of what lies ahead of us.

This is where systemic constellation work comes in. It is a virtual reality game, a playground where we set up three-dimensionally the things we want (or don’t want). We try out new ways of being, expressing and acting, as we are stepping into our imaginary future. It allows us to correct issues from the past that hold us back and create movements toward the future we actually want. By interacting in this space we experience more choices, which enables us to move towards our desired goals.

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December 04 / 2016

“Post Election Trauma” is real!


Post Election Trauma








In the last few days, I have seen many clients with what I call “Post Election Trauma” (PET).

What are the symptoms?

Being afraid in general, or having general anxiety. Not feeling safe.

Being afraid of others, which can include family members, neighbors, people previously thought of as their friends and support systems.

Feeling alone or excluded.

Feeling trapped with no way out.

Feelings of fight or flight, not wanting to be here.

Wanting to escape.


Being on edge, revved up, short tempered.

Picking fights with others, even close family members, spouses and kids.

Looking at everything from a pessimistic point of view, seeing faults in everything. Generalizing experiences using words like; “never, always, everything, nothing,…”

Disconnected from feelings, being numb, lethargic, depressed. Not wanting to communicate with others, staying home, inside. Not participating.

These symptoms are also showing up in kids, affected by things going on around them.

Professional counselors and therapists are here to help. Some of what could be happening may be re-traumatization of earlier events or life circumstances.

For more information you can contact me at: elmar@hemisphereconsulting.com or 303.818.5969

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August 13 / 2016

Constellation Facilitation Training (this Fall)

Dear friends and colleagues
What kind of facilitation training would you like?
Over the last few year I have been exploring and learning new and improved facilitation methods that I would like to share. I have been planning to do this in a live and simultaneously webcast session. This has proven to be more involved then I could imagine and I am still working with a tech advisor to figure it out.
I have 2, 2 day facilitation training workshops in mind that I am going to offer this fall and I would like to find out what you are more interested in?
Both offerings are designed for people who do not know Constellation work and for experts as well. Because I am introducing basic and very new concepts of this work.
A) For working in the personal realm:
The first day would be: “Two Step” Constellation (based on my explorations)
The second day: Constellation of the Intension (based on Franz Ruppert’s work)
B) For working in the organizational realm:
The first day is dedicated to: Structural Constellation (based on Matthias Varga von Kibed)
The second day: Social Presencing Theater (based on Arawana Hayashi, MIT)
See more detailed description below.
What I would like to know from you is what is your level of interest in joining either one or both trainings?
  1. Personal realm training
( ) medium ( ) high ( ) excited and want to do the training
  1. Organizational realm training
( ) medium ( ) high ( ) excited and want to do the training
What time zone are you living in?
( ) PT   ( ) MT   ( ) CT   ( ) ET
If you are interested in these trainings you will be part of choosing the days and times. I am thinking of October and more details will be send to you. The price will equitable to similar trainings.
Please send me a message with your choice asap.
Thank you.
More about the classes:
“Two Step” Constellation (Elmar Dornberger)
Over the years I have been distilling constellation work down to its essential parts. I have come up with two fundamental steps with which one can start the most profound change work with a client.
Constellation of the Intension (based on Franz Ruppert’s work)
This is one of F. Ruppert’s most distinct move away from family constellation work and in a direction of tapping into once own resources and finding solutions that do not re-traumatize a client but find solutions in the here and now.
Structural Constellation (based on Matthias Varga von Kibed)
Organizational clients are not interested in mingling in personal affairs of individuals. Still they are very interested in understanding the dynamics that drives and keeps an organization stuck. This modality is extremely flexible and adaptable to many situations and challenges in those settings.
Social Presencing Theater (based on Arawana Hayashi, (MIT))
As the title mentions there is some theatrics to this work, some playfulness that can be brought into an organization to display the current situation. It also gives a glimpse into what might want to happen as a next step.
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April 20 / 2016

W e b i n a r: Are you living a “Satisfied Life” personally and professionally?

For the first time in the USA

Saturday, May 14. and 21., from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm  W e b i n a r :

  Are you living a

 “Satisfied Life”

  personally and professionally?

 We are offering a new and effective methodology to realize a “satisfied life” and to support others in doing the same.

  • We will introduce you to the major concepts of ViSi SocialTech®’s methodology, that will  support you as a leader, consultant, coach, teacher, therapist and parent, … theoretically and practically.
  • Michael Blumenstein and Katia Del Rivero, Professors at Anáhuac University in México City, the original creators will be your online trainers.

Who should attend:

Consultants, coaches, leaders, business owners, therapists, teachers and anyone else for whom communication is an intricate part of their daily live’s and anyone who is interested in new social technologies.

Why should you attend:

This will enable you to create sustainable change and spark interest in continued learning and growing for yourself, your employees, clients and customers.

Your way of thinking and behaving will change in relation to your own potential.

Your effectiveness at work and your new developed ways of being will be the evidence of that.


Time: 2 sessions of 4 hours each

Dates: Saturday, May 14. and 21., from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Your investment:

The total for both webinar sessions is US$197.

Non-Boulder participants will be sent an ‘Access Code’ for the online webinar once payment has been received.

Payment is possible under www.visionsistemica.com/en/webinar/



  • English

The Program:

  1. Autonomy: To become aware of how we contribute to the social sphere as autonomous beings. We are well equipped and we are enough to live a “satisfied life” in cooperation with others, personally and professionally.
  2. A new Communication Theory: Communication is a cooperative process to which we can only contribute effectively as autonomous beings.
  3. A new Theory of Social Systems: The understanding that we enter different social roles at different times. This clarity will prevent numerous social issues from occurring.
  4. Forms of Communication: There are new ways – forms – of communication that create possibilities for effective and sustainable solutions in appreciative ways.

More Information

Please see www.visionsistemica.com/en/webinar/


Comments from recent course attendees in Mexico:

1.) What are your key learnings from ViSi SocialTech?

  • Recognize that you have all the elements to have a good life.
  • Nobody is guilty, instead everyone is responsible.
  • Our reality constructions can be different but we can still work together.
  • There’s always something you can do to change the result.

2.) How has this course impacted your personal and professional life?

  • I have a better relationship with myself, therefore with others
  • To be more aware
  • Accept and respect people as they are.
  • I feel I have more options to solve conflicts.

3.) Why is ViSi SocialTech important?

  • Every problem happens because we do not know how to communicate with each other.

4.) What would you want other people to know about ViSi SocialTech?

  • It transforms us so we can contribute to anything in life.
  • That it is more than a theory for business. It’s a way of life.
  • That personal or business relationships can be simple.
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February 14 / 2016

Constellation Workshop in Boulder, Saturday Feb. 20 from

Dear All

I am putting a small Constellation Workshop on here in Boulder, Saturday Feb. 20 from 9am to 1pm.

We will look at your issues in life and examine systemic solutions from within.

We all have the resources to heal and mend our woundings.

Please RSVP since space is limited.

The cost will be $75

Please contact.

Elmar Dornberger


303 818 5969

PS: You may forward this message to others that might be interested in this work

Elmar Dornberger LPC. MA, MFA has been facilitating and training people in Systemic Constellation work for the last 15 years.

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August 10 / 2015

Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training in Boulder, CO

Systemic Constellation Facilitator Training

Starting Oct. 17, 2015 (Boulder, CO)
By Elmar Dornberger, MFA, LPC

Introducing a training program for individuals working in a therapeutic, mentoring or coaching capacity. The work is also known as Hellinger work, Family Constellation, Systemic Constellations etc.


As we go through life, we all encounter personal difficulties. What we have recently become aware of is that most issues we are carrying are patterns that have been passed down to us from our family of origin. In this upcoming training, we will explore how adoptions, early and unexpected deaths, mental illness, addictions, abuse, murder, infidelity, chronic illnesses and many other traumas create inter-generational conflicts and dis-ease seeking resolution through love. We will learn how to detect and release these mostly unconscious dynamics into a healthy and loving flow.

  • Are you facing issues that feel overwhelming?
  • How do you get to the core of what is really going on?
  • What actually caused an issue in the first place?
  • How do you translate your observations into a change process?
  • How do you bring subconscious coping mechanisms to light?
  • What do you do when a situation seems hopeless and helpless?

Systemic Constellation work makes the invisible observable. It shows us simultaneously the entanglement with the past and the inherent solution. Step by step we follow the client-centered unfoldment that leads us to a unique solution that works exactly for this particular situation.

We will explore six different Constellation methods:

  • Family Constellations (Hellinger), – looking at unresolved issues stemming from ancestral origin.
  • Structural Constellations (von Kibed, Sparrer) – experiencing universal situations in an intrinsic physical way.
  • Constellation of the Intention (Franz Rupert) – working with past trauma without re-traumatizing.
  • Constellation of the Sentence of the Intention (Franz Rupert) – an expansion of the Intention work.
  • Liminal Constellations (Elmar Dornberger) – utilizing group sensing and intelligence for problem solving.
  • Psychosomatic Constellations (Elmar Dornberger) – looking at the cause of physical illness and the unconscious protective mechanisms.
Other subject matter included in the training:

  • Mapping mental/physical issues
  • Three-dimensional thinking and processes
  • Resourcing
  • Client assessment
  • Process planning
  • Understanding issues in a system
  • Understanding human systems
  • Understanding trauma vs. stress
  • Symbiotic entanglements
  • Trauma and personality split
You will learn to use this process with individual clients as well as in group settings.

There are 12 training sessions spread out over 6 months.

Saturday, Sept. 19 (9-12): a free introductory session for new-bees and the curious. More detailed information about the training will be shared then as well.

Training dates:
Oct. 17/18,   Nov. 21/22,   Dec. 12/13,   Jan. 23/24,   Feb. 20/21,   Mar. 12/13

The days are Saturdays & Sundays from 9am – 4pm.

Training place: Bolder, CO

Price for the training is:                                                     $2,400
Pay by Oct. 3 in full or pre-dated checks get 10% off:    $2,160
Pay by Sep. 19 in full or pre-dated checks get 20% off: $1,920
Pryer training (with Elmar) pay by Oct. 3 get 30% off:     $1,680
Receive 84 hours Continuing Education Credits:           $35

Please contact Elmar with any questions regarding the training or payment.
303 818 5969 or elmar@hemisphereconsulting.com


Testimonies from last year’s participants:

“The training encouraged me and gave me the confidence to take constellations work into my practice with adolescents and their families.  With each training session I walked away with something I could apply right away either to my work with clients or as a support for my personal learning. The clear model of describing trauma and it’s patterns, coupled with the idea of resourcing has informed my practice daily.”

“For my friends and colleagues who are open to wide ranges of treatment possibilities and want to transcend the limitations of the DSM, I can’t think of a more powerful tool or set of skills to add to your clinical tool chest.”

“I wish all therapists, especially somatic took your training.”“I learned a lot skill-wise, but I honestly have to say the greatest take home I got was personal insight– I learned more about myself in a short amount of time than I ever expected.”

“Thank you for having the courage and passion to create this class. I still have no idea what just hit me, but I am forever grateful :)”

“To arrive at an inner knowing that I can facilitate constellation – yes, a lot to learn still. But I now have some grounded embodied experience that I can.  I have the courage (even if hesitant still sometimes) to step up and in to offer this.”

“Very high on my list of learnings is on trauma and how to recognize it.  Seeing it play out in human form in constellation was quite an awakening.  Now I am very attuned to this in life and see forms of it in many.  Along with that was the valuable learning that one can become entangled in the field, even as a facilitator.”

“The greatest takeaway was definitely about the morphic fields and how they work,

up to how they affect the audience which I was not aware of.  All the knowledge of trauma was also highly valuable and not something I was expecting to get in the training.  That was a major highlight and unique to constellation training I realized, so I would definitely highlight that in the description as it differentiates the training from others and will really inform the students what they will get in the training.”

“You held a very loving and supportive space for so much to happen and it was obvious you had great respect for each person and where they were in their learning process.”

“I think your choices for the curriculum were excellent!!”



Please contact Elmar with any questions you might have.
303 818 5969 or elmar@hemisphereconsulting.com

Last year’s training filled up fast, contact us today!

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July 20 / 2015

Obama endorses Precision Medicine – What about Precision Therapy?

President Obama endorses Precision Medicine – What about Precision Therapy?

“Doctors have always recognized that every patient is unique, and doctors have always tried to tailor their treatments as best they can to individuals. You can match a blood transfusion to a blood type — that was an important discovery. What if matching a cancer cure to our genetic code was just as easy, just as standard? What if figuring out the right dose of medicine was as simple as taking our temperature?”

– President Obama, January 30, 2015


How does this relate to Precision Therapy? It is already here!

My colleagues and I who have been working with Systemic Constellations (also known as Hellinger work and Family Constellations) have been applying this kind of focus for a long time now.

Every client interaction is customized and we look at each issue anew even if we have seen a specific pathology, stress or trauma issue many times before. We examine and interview the client at each session again and again since nothing is static, life is in constant flux and our innate intelligence is trying to heal itself at every moment already.

We tap into this intelligence and find solutions that precisely match the clients beliefs, capabilities and adaptive mechanisms. The solutions we are seeking are innate, holistic and lasting.

The reason we can call this modality “Precision Therapy” is because it is not something applied from the outside, like a concept or a specific therapeutic framework. The solution actually “emerges” from the client’s somatic knowledge, from cellular memory. Therefore it totally matches what he or she actually needs and is client -centered and

This work has been around for over 20 years and I have been practicing (Precision Therapy aka) Systemic Constellations for 15 years.

Don’t wait until President Obama endorses Systemic Constellations, try it out for yourself now.

This work can be done in person or over the phone (or skype). I use it with individual clients, families and organizations.

Contact me for an appointment and for questions
via phone 303 818 5969 or
email at elmar@hemisphereconsulting.com

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July 08 / 2015

Constellation Practice Circle, July 18

Constellation Practice Circle, July 18

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Practitioners

We have been talking about this for a while now, I am ready. As you might have heard I had shoulder surgery and I am at a stage of recovery that I feel comfortable engaging with a group in this amazing modality called “Constellation work” again.

This invitation is for everyone practicing and/or just interest in exploring this work. Please forward this email to interested parties.

We will be meeting Saturday July 18 from 9am – Noon. There will be a fee of $30. If this fee is an issue for you please let me know no one will be turned away.

Depending on the size of the group we will do short constellations that have proven to be very powerful in the last training.

This is an opportunity for trained facilitators to practice in a save environment. Bring a client, friends and colleagues.

RSVP Imperative!

The address: 4890 Qualla Dr. Boulder

For questions send me an email or give me a call at 303 818 5969.

Sincerely yours,

Elmar Dornberger, MA, LPC

Constellation enthusiast

PS: Just to make this clear, if you need to work on a serious issue, this is not a substitute for seeing a therapist.

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October 16 / 2014

Family Constellation Facilitator Training

Family Constellation Facilitator Training

Earn 87 (PDA’s) Professional Development Hours

with Elmar Dornberger, MFA, LPC

December 6 – May 17
Introduction November 15

If you are looking for a powerful intervention tool for your practice – this might be it. Family Constellation work is the fastest growing change modality on the planet. This comprehensive and in-depth training will cover fundamental elements and building blocks that make this modality work. No matter what tools you are using right now, you will be able to incorporate Family Constellations into your practice. This method is a way of understanding and interacting with our environment and our fellow human beings from a systems perspective. From this frame of reference there is no identified patient; only a system that wants to be dis-entangled and realigned. This work is applicable to most issues in your and your client’s life. This training will approach all facets experientially and apply them to your own and your client’s situation.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Embodied solutions
  • Nervous-system memory
  • Language that transforms
  • From naming to resolving
  • The Living Genogram
  • Treatment Planning
  • Systemic Interventions and much more.

We will also look into other current and future applications such as Nature, Organizational, Liminal Constellations, and Mutual Arising just to mention a few.

There are 12 training sessions spread out over 6 month. The dates are:

Nov. 15 (3hour $25) intro session for the curious and undecided.

Dec. 6/7, Jan. 17/18, Feb. 21/22, Mar. 14/15,  Apr. 18/19, May 16/17

All sessions will be from 9am – 4pm

Location: Boulder


Price for the training is $2,400

Pay by Dec. 6 in full or pre-dated checks get 10% off $2,160

Pay before Nov. 30 in full or pre-dated checks get 20% off $1,920

If you have taken a training with Elmar get 30% off $1,680

Please contact Elmar with any questions regarding the  training.  elmar@hemisphereconsulting.com or call 303 818 5969

For more information go to Hemisphereconsulting.com


Testimonials from previous trainees and clients:

I had the pleasure and opportunity to participate in Elmar’s Facilitator Training here in Boulder. As a German native I participated in workshops and trainings in Germany and Europe. Having Elmar as a teacher and Mentor over the years gave me a profound understanding what The work from Hellinger really is able to do for people. Elmar has a wonderful gift to listen, understand and his work goes right to the essence to help the client. I’m very grateful and happy to met Elmar and his incredible work. Corina Remes

The constellation training that I received from Elmar Dornberger at Hemisphere Consulting is one of the most remarkable interpersonal (and personal) growth tools that I have ever received.  I use the techniques and insights on a daily basis, both for my own personal direction, as well as with conflict resolution with my students and their parents.  As a professional resource tool for child studies, for interactions and problem-solving with colleagues, and in professional consultation with parents, my own understanding and use of constellation, as either a therapeutic tool for something as simple as movement exercises for the students, or for assessment and evaluation, is incredibly invaluable.  Everyone in the world should be trained in constellation techniques.  It would be a far grander, loving and compassionate place. Stan Sudan Certified Waldorf Teacher, National Educational Consultant, Certified Constellation Facilitator

The first session I had with Elmar, helped me overcome trauma and resolving issues that had continued to surface with previous constellation work.  As a result, I felt inside my head and truly in my body for the first time in my life. The second session helped me better connect with my maternal line and I have for the first time not felt a need to correct or feel superior to the three men in my life. I would certainly say I feel connected with being a woman and even pride in being a woman, strong instead of powerless.  Feeling truly and loved by my parents for the first time. RR

With Elmar, i have learned to trust the process and not worry about the outcome. I learned that i just need to trust what is showing up and magic happens. Defne

Elmar, I LOVE how you make the depth and breadth of this work available to clients who can’t (or won’t) participate in group work — it’s a gift and skill that so needs to be shared!  All these months later, our work together continues to weave its way into my responses to daily life; thank you ever so much for the part you play in my life’s journey! KM~Psychotherapist  

This training has taken my work to a new level, helping my clients get to the root of their issues, and to clarity and transformation much more quickly. Elmar is a gifted facilitator, who brings an evolutionary perspective to Constellation Work and to the field of Psychotherapy. Lisa Stone, MA, LPC

Elmar Dornberger’s approach to Constellation work is interactive, embodied, engaging, and profound.  Through mapping the family constellation and stepping into the dynamic of what we tend keep locked in our heads, he has taken a huge step in supporting clients in actively finding their own path to freedom.  I am so grateful for you, what you do, and the training! Rex West, NLC, MA (Counseling) MA (Education)

Before taking a family constellation training, I had every excuse in the book about why I really didn’t have time.  Very quickly however, I was drawn into the power and the gentleness of the rapid pace that layers of information come into the light – a very valuable tool for my practice.  For anyone wishing to expand and deepen possibilities from therapy, I would highly recommend Elmar’s trainings. Jeff Jones MA, LPC, CACIII, CAI,Certified TRE Level II Practitioner

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September 09 / 2014

Why does my child have learning difficulties?

In observing literally hundreds of family systems over the course of my professional career, I have noticed repeating patterns – which is not unusual since that is what I am trained to do. The patterns that have emerged however, are not the ones I expected.

Many parents would approach me about their children’s difficulty in school. I would meet with these kids and I would be amazed by their great personalities and cognitive abilities. Some do display what we call ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), yet most of them did not. So what is it that is creating these challenges?

We all share more or less the same brain with the same capacity for learning, processing and containing information. These kids seem smart, intelligent, caring and compassionate each in their own way.

What I came to observe is this: The key difference is the ‘type of information’ that an individual is trying to process that can be challenging and hence, obstructing other information which the child has to process.

We are talking about information that seems bothersome, difficult, or complex in a way that does not seem to make sense. I don’t mean math, English literature, or world history. I am talking about events and situations that are of a personal, familial nature – things that happened either to the child or that he/she heard about. This also includes events and situations that the child had nothing to do with and is not even consciously aware of, issues that the parents have not successfully coped with or resolved.

Why would children be affected by issues that are not theirs but their parents?

There is a term that explains this phenomena called “blind love”. Starting from birth, there is an imbalance in giving and receiving. A child has nothing to give back to their parents except for a smile or a “thank you” and that only if one is taught to do so. In order for a child to equal out this imbalance, he or she subconsciously involves him or herself in parental and familial issues and is trying to help resolve them. This can go as far as the child sacrificing him/herself in order to rescue his/her parents.

An example of this is when parents get divorced. Children oftentimes start to act out because they know that if there is trouble, the parents will come together. This step is taken out of compassion and love for both parents and in trying to keep their bond alive.

I recently worked with a teenager who had 16 issues to deal with that had nothing to do with homework, but stemming from the family system.

We actually now know that the human brain handles tasks in a sequential manner. It switches back and forth between tasks and although this happens very rapidly, the human brain is distracted from one task while it is focusing on another.

Imagine if you had 16 issues that seemed irresolvable as a teenager while trying to do your homework or focus in class?

The most important people in our lives are our parents and our extended family. If they are in trouble we are concerned, and yes, distracted until these issue are resolved.

This is where my plea to parents comes in. If your children are struggling in school, don’t blame them and don’t blame the teachers; they are not psychologists. They already have a lot on their plate teaching your children and managing the classroom.

Take an honest look at your life and at all the unresolved issues you are facing. They are most likely affecting your family and your children. Unresolved issues do not necessarily affect all of your children. Oftentimes the most compassionate child will take on the role of the rescuer.

Luckily there is a treatment modality called “Family Constellations” that is addressing this very issue of what is called “entanglements”. Issues that are not ours but for which we feel a deep entrenched responsibility are shown in their original context when they served a positive purpose (like protection, or safety). These can now be safely be disengaged and life can move forward in an affirming direction.

Remember that your child is not the IP (Identified Patient), the family system is the IP and the unresolved issues are needing a closer look. Professional help is available for you right now to relieve your child and yourself from these burdens. For your child’s future and for your family, please seek that help and contact me.

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