Working for twenty years in the corporate world taught me about high performance, excellent work ethics and delivering results.

This is what I believe my clients deserve, optimal results, in the shortest amount of time, for a reasonable investment.

I do not believe in long-term client relationships as a rule, only if they are mutually beneficial. I see most of my clients only for as long as it takes to resolve their issues.

Having a solution-focused approach makes me search continuously for methods that work. This mindset lead me more then twelve years ago to explore methods that have a systemic point of view. I look at the entire environment in which an issue occurs, as well as the events that brought it into existence. This way of working has proven most insightful for both my clients and myself and is continuously delivering results in the fastest way possible.

Most of the time the approach used is three dimensional, somatic (body-centered), experiential, systemic (relating to a system a.e.: family, organization, community) and solution oriented. There is a cognitives element (that integrates body and mind) and of course the work is always client focused.

One of the measures we use to gauge if the work is done, is to determine if the solution works for everyone involved.